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    Omniunit FinBox

    An autonomous ecosystem that includes a set of up-to-date financial and communication tools based on the secure Omniunit OS operating system. The main task is to ensure confidentiality when working with assets over the Internet.

    Omniunit Cash

    One of the basic tokens of the Omniunit Pay payment system. The multi-bridge protocol allows you to use it as efficiently as possible in cross-platform trading of tokenized assets.

    Omniunit Pay

    Fast and secure blockchain-based payment system. As a basic solution, Omniunit Pay uses Plasma Chains, which significantly increase performance and reduce transaction fees dozens of times.

    This year on Omniunit Cash Feautures (OMCHF)
    investors earned 500% profit!

    Omniunit is a modern technology company that combines investment banking expertise with innovations in decentralized blockchain technology. The company's main goal is to create a quality ecosystem for instant and low-cost money transfers as well as investment tools. In 2021, our company launched Omniunit Cash Feautures (OMCHF) futures, which are traded on the Coin Tiger... More about Оmniunit Cash >


    Omniunit FINANCIAL BOX

    Financial instruments in a secure environment.
    Omniunit Financial Box is a standalone system that includes a set of financial and communication tools based on the secure Omniunit OS. The main task is to provide comfort and security when working with digital assets via the Internet.
    The Onmiunit OS is a full-featured Linux family operating system that provides even greater privacy of user data than traditional builds.

    The product is in the final stages of development.

    Omniunit SPHERE WALLET

    A digital safe for digital assets.
    Onmiunit Sphere Wallet is an electronic wallet in the form factor of a mobile app for IOS and Android. Security of users' digital assets is provided by the most advanced encryption methods and a variety of available authentication methods. Sphere Wallet is currently in the final stages of development.


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